Claim Your Place on Facebook

August 20, 2010

Yesterday Facebook released their version of a location-based check in feature. Which allows users to “Check In” to Places, which lets their friends know where they are.

Millions of Places are being added to Facebook this week. Church leaders, be sure to claim your place, so that you have control over the content on it’s page.

Why claim your place?

  • Promote and grow your  ministry.
  • Gives your attenders the ability to check in to your church and gives them the power to tell their friends.
  • It’s free.

What will appear on your Place page:

  • List of friends currently check in at the Place.
  • Friend activity stream of other friends who have visited the Place in the past.
  • Relevant information about the Place.
  • People can post stories about the Place page on their profiles.

Place pages are not the same as Facebook Pages.

How to claim your place.

For the official documentation, I sent them our Tax Exempt Letter.

One response to Claim Your Place on Facebook

  1. Did they accept it? Because I did the exact thing and they didn’t accept it…