Christmas At The Movies Microsite

December 1, 2013



For our Christmas series at The Fields Church part of our branding and marketing strategy was to develop a microsite. All of our direct mailing, social, and eNewsletters have pushed our traffic to Christmas At The Movies.

Five Reasons We Created A Microsite

1) Provide General Information About The Series
Times, dates, location, maps, directions via Google Maps and general information about The Fields Church.

2) Help Attenders and First Time Guests Know What To Expect
We wanted to answer as many questions as possible, so that there were no surprises for the 1st time guest.
We provide what to wear, what their kids do, length of services, etc.

3) Let Them Know What We Are Talking About
We layout out each week’s topic so they know what to anticipate. You never know what will perk who’s interest.

4) Simple Ticketing
For our special Candlelight Service we have limited tickets available, so we offered an easy solution for them to reserve free tickets.

5) Easy To Share With Others
We’ve provided three easy ways (Twitter, Facebook and Email Invites) for them to share with others about Christmas at the Movies.


Want a website or branding similar to this. Hire me.