Building Your Social Media Fan Base

August 31, 2011

Justin Wise, Social Media Director, at Monk Development presented the webinar “Building Your Social Media Fan Base.”

Meta-Premise #1 (Individual)
Unless you are Snooki, Rick Warren or Lady GaGa, you will have to follow/interact with people to get them interested in what you’re saying.

Meta-Premise #2 (Organization or Business)
Unless you are Starbucks, Words With Friends or Compassion International, your organization will have to work to build a fan base.

It will take six to 18 months to see your fan base to grow.
Unless you are well known you will have to work to build your fan base.

Social Listening Apps
Tools to tune into the conversations that are happening online about you, an organization or company.

How to Listen to Your Audience

Before you build a fan base you have to listen to that fan base first.

Twitter Search Formula for the Ages
Keyword +?

Twitter Search in Hootsuite

Website Tools

Identify the Influencers

Who is influencing who online.

Klout – A simple way to measure online influence. Klout Chrome ExtensionBy following those that are talking about you, they in return will usually follow you. Increasing your fan base with those with influence.

Facebook Fan Page Mentions
By mentioning other organizations/businesses in your status updates then your update will be posted on that organization’s/business’s wall.

The Social Ask
Ask your reader for something! Subscribe to RSS feed, fan page or Twitter.
“Please ReTweet” gets 4x more retweets.

Pump Out the Content
Create a content/editorial calendar.
There is power in focus.
By providing a theme it will build a momentum that can’t be denied.
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