Bradley Hathaway Show Photos

November 3, 2008

Last night was my first public show in Mattoon since moving here.
We had a ton of people come out.
113 paid.

Everything went well.
Lots of people were bummed though, because Bradley did zero poems and 45 minutes of songs. 

Besides doing just the normal grassroots promotion I placed ads online for the first time.

Here was the results from a five day promotion online.
Facebook –  81,873 ad views, 35 clicks, 0 tickets sold
Myspace – 7,300 ad views, 5 clicks, 0 tickets sold – Yes, Myspace is dead. 

One response to Bradley Hathaway Show Photos

  1. Nice dude. Looks like you packed the house. Let me know when you do another show and I’ll come. And – GMM would love to play. and please – PLEASE, could you help me get bradley here.

    ps – we have a show this friday. All The Day Holiday and The Signal.

    will. be. awesome.