Being Bringers and Braggers

March 3, 2008

Yesterday we had a great time at First Assembly.

3 Services. 3 Ages. 1 Message

  1. Adult
  2. Kids Factory (1st-5th)
  3. The Pipeline (6th-12th)

We challenged everyone to be bringers and braggers to and about First Assembly.
We inspired everyone that we want to have the largest Easter service ever.

Sundays Message in 60 Seconds

2 responses to Being Bringers and Braggers

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  2. Erik Scottberg March 5, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    i like the language you’re using here. it’s a great perspective on how we need to think and talk about church.

    i’m going to steal this whole “bring”/”brag” thing.