Attn: Single Dudes

October 31, 2008

I know I have some single dude readers.
Hope this encourages.

ht sam frederick

6 responses to Attn: Single Dudes

  1. Holy CRAP! That was awesome! Wow…to be at a church like that! Does Travis preach like that???

  2. Thanks for sharing this Evan, it is encouraging. 🙂

    Does he have any advice on how to get a girl to break up with the guy she’s already going out with? 😉

  3. My bro. was looking through some stuff and showed this to me and I just had to say that this is so true. 🙂

  4. Oh my word… Yessss! FINALLY!!!!!! … Well SOMEone’s finally got the right idea. As a woman, this is exACTly what we’re looking for! Some one who’s got guts, courage, genuine care and responsibility – for themselves, and towards women.

  5. And not just that, but has grabbed at God’s design of manhood;”bull by the horns”, and “claimed” what is rightfully his as a man. which is what? this: Step up to the plate! Fill those shoes!
    …You know how many are in leadership positions? and NOT just cuz they want the “success” or “power” but because there is a lack of someone willing to step up into that role? So many of these positions can only be best filled by the qualities of a man (and not just the dating world). And women – duh – simply cannot fill that. They simply don’t have what it takes in the areas needed to properly fulfill that role.

  6. *correction: …know how many women are in leadarship positions…lol. sry