Are you part of the cult?

October 15, 2008

I joined in September 2005 with an iBook G4 14″ which I still use today.
Since then I’ve had a MacBook Pro (and sold) and Katie has an iBook G3 12″.

Are you part of the cult?
If so what do you have?

15 responses to Are you part of the cult?

  1. I am slowly becoming a believer. I have owned a PC forever and a month ago bought a mac desktop. The 20 inch monitor rocks and I haven’t had any issues yet. That’s big to a lifetime PC user. I’m used to crashes once a week :-). The new macbook pro is my next investment.

  2. yup, more then just the mac cult too… the occasional real cult as well…

  3. yes, part of the cult. I had a g4 powerbook all through college, and last september purchased a macbook pro 2.3 ghz Intel with 4 gb ram. I love it, but now I pine after the new edition šŸ™‚

  4. I have been a faithful mac user since December 2005. I have an 12′ iBook G4, which is still running strong after two years working at a church doing videos and podcasts and two years full time grad school. I’ve been through two boards on it and way too much ram. It’s a 100gig harddrive with 1 gig memory. I love it.

    I got my wife a 13′ MacBook last Christmas and she absolutely loves it.

    I recently got rid of my netgear wireless router and went to an Airport Express.

    I use an iPhone and rock it old-school on a 60gig iPod.

    All that is left is to get the Apple TV.

  5. That picture is from a Mizzou journalism class. As of fall 2005, all journalism freshmen are required to have a wireless laptop, and Apple is the journalism school’s preferred provider. I don’t think the picture is quite fair because most students coming to the journalism school are so worried about getting in that they’re going to buy the preferred provider, plus mom and dad are footing the bill so they’ll choose the expensive computer. Too bad this rule wasn’t in place in the early 90s. Instead I had my trusty DOS computer.

  6. I was…till the screen broke. it’s an old G3. bought it back in college. speaking of cults, i’m a part of a different, less snobby cult. check them out HERE!!!!!

  7. I converted in 2004 to a PowerBook G4. Then we purchased a 17in G5 desktop for the home. My PowerBook now belongs to our childrens pastor. I now have a Macbook13 black and I love it. Also our entire church planting team uses Mac. And our official church computer is a 17inch desktop!

    Mac are not perfect but they are a better thought out operating system!

  8. I drank the Kool Aid! Became a believer with the iPhone and sold my soul when I got a MacBook Pro this summer! I’ll never go back!

  9. I here all this talking about converting to mac like its a positive thing. I see it as the great falling away from the faith. I believe that pc trains you for life and Mac helps you hide from reality.

  10. I’ve been a user since 2001 and have been through about four different Powerbooks, MacBook Pro’s since then.

    I’m currently on a 17″ MacBook Pro, and my wife is on a 12″ iBook G4.

  11. I am a part of the cult. I have been since early 2000’s and before that I worked on macs at school. Really I only had a windows pc about 6 years of my life.

    Currently I have a macbook pro 2.2ghz about a year old. Through the years I have had about 10-15 different macs ranging from imac, ibook, power mac, macbook, and a couple of macbook pros and too many ipods to name. I got the first ipod and have had almost every model since but now I am strictly iPhone. I started on a G3 processor and now flying with the latest intel chips.

    I want one of the new macbook pros so bad I can’t even think, but want to see them in action for a few months before I commit.

  12. I started using a Mac in 2001 when I couldn’t get Adobe Premiere to work without spontaneous crashes, even though I exceeded the sys requirements. At that time I bought a G4 Ti Powerbook (which still works), but currently I use a MacBookPro. I doubt I will ever own a PC again because once you go Mac…

  13. I’ve been a Mac user for several years, from a 14″ ibook, to a 12″ Powerbook to a 15″ Macbook pro and currently a 13″ Blackbook. I still like Windows as well, and recently ordered a 14″ HP because it had unbelievable specs for the money (including LED backlight display and 512mb video memory). I can’t decide wether to open the box or send it back and get the new Macbook pro! I guess that makes me a waffler. lol

  14. I AM

    I first bought a mac G4 tower back in 2000 and sold a year later because my day job used Windows. However after 6 years of frustration I couldn’t take it any longer, took the plunge and picked up a 17″ MacBook Pro this past Spring.

  15. I purchased my first Mac in 2008 (Aluminum MBP). While it has created some new problems for me within Microsoft Office, it has solved many of the old ones. One purchase that I haven’t regretted!