And Inside Out Is

September 28, 2008

wiggida wiggida wiggida wack!

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I bought my first cd in 1992 with money I got from selling baseball cards.
The cd I walked out of K’s Merchandise was Kris Kross “Jump”.
It was packaged in a huge box for just one cd, I guess so you couldn’t walk out with it.
I also bought Weird Al’s “Off the Deep End” that day.

A couple little know facts.
Kris Kross had a sega cd game called “Kris Kross: Make My Video”.
Electronic Gaming named one of the “20 Worst Games of All Time”.
I’ve never owned a disc man. 

This was before digital.
And After cassette tapes.
What was the first CD you had?

5 responses to And Inside Out Is

  1. For my birthday in 8th grade:

    Petra Beyond Belief and Phil Collins but seriously…

    sad. i know.

  2. in all seriousness, my first CD was also Kris Kross, “Jump”. i don’t remember the big box, but I do remember thinking that i was so cool….

  3. @dan for sure. seriously? you couldn’t have lied or anything and say TLC?

    @erik I’m going to be rocking Kris Kross tomorrow at the meeting. I got “jump” as a ringtone today.

  4. Mine was Mariah Carey’s Music Box. I got it for Christmas Eve and got the CD player the following am.

  5. my first CD ws Howard Jones’ Dream Into Action