Ancient Scripture Backdrop

February 6, 2009


For our First Wednesday service at First Assembly last night, we talked about ancient words, scriptures.
We walked people thru praying scriptures.
Travis talked all about it here.

I’m going to focus more on the setup/design/videos.

We wanted our staging back wall to be covered with scripture, portions of the Bible.
We wanted the scriptures to really encompass the entire room and give it that big feel when people walked in.
We wanted them to experience it. 

Our stage is probably 50′ wide with our projector shooting 12′ wide.
You can see that our projector wasn’t going to cut it.
So, we went old school.

Here is how we did the above look.

  • Setup an overhead projector in front of the stage on the floor before the seats.
  • Photocopied Psalm 119 onto a transparency.
  • One piece of construction paper and ripped it into several pieces.
  • Used the straight edge, to crop in the top and bottom of the projection so that it wouldn’t bleed onto the ceiling.
  • Took the torn pieces and put them on the  side of the projection to give the jagged ripped bible page look. That way you couldn’t see the edge of the transparency
  • Then tore a small square, and place it on the overhead projector so that the elements from the projector could still be scene. This gave the look it a “living scripture” feel.

Material needed: overhead projector, transparency, one piece of construction paper


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