airsoft guns and turkey

December 4, 2008

i’ve not been able to keep up with the blogs that i’ve wanted to post.
i wanted to get this out last week, but i didn’t, so act like i posted this right after thanksgiving.
here goes.

so, last night we had our youth family thanksgiving dinner for the pipeline students at first assembly.
this is probably one of the only events where all of our students and parents come together.
we have tons of food, and talk briefly about how our church wants to partner with families.

dress up
each table competed to see who could make the best turkey.
here is our winner. 

i had a small table in the center of the room and i showed two huge containers that had a total of 4000 air soft pellets in them.
this is the number of hours of influence that parents have in their child’s in a year. 
between 3000-4000. 

i then picked up this small bag and said.
this is the number of hours of influence the church has in your child’s life.
the bag contained roughly 40.

we as a church, want to join together with parents to influence your child.
parents, you have more influence in your child’s life, than the church does.

blood:water mission
we ended the night with sharing about the current emphasis we had been giving our students.
for the month of november, we challenged our students to give/collect money for blood:water mission.
we then showed this video.

{watch embedded video}

after party
after clean up.
we had left overs.
so we called the local homeless shelter, and took food there.
here is what one of our leaders had to say about his experience.
“As soon as we walked in the door we had everyone smiling. To see a smiling face, a face that provides hope. More than just food or just a roof over their head for the time being. This is in OUR city… and the words that come to my mind are impact and hope. A quote that come to my mind is from Mother Teresa I don’t know it word for word but it goes something like this… SEE a little bit of Jesus in everyone. I could write more… which is crazy because we were there for like 3 minutes.” 

maybe next year we should take our firsts.

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  1. i like the air soft pellets idea.

  2. Well, sweet… Someone will love this and I can’t wait to tell her about this. Thanks again…

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