A Church Advancing with Guts

April 7, 2009


My blog has been slow this past month. There is reason for this.
I have not talked about First Assembly on the blog for a while. There is reason for this.
My schedule has been loaded. There is reason for this.

All of this came out this past Sunday at First Assembly. Listen here.
Now, I’m able to talk.
I’m able to share.
I’m able to throw at you what I’ve been working on the past months.

First Assembly made a statement in October that we are going to do whatever it takes that is legal and moral to reach people that aren’t being reached.
There are 20,000 people in Mattoon, and over 40 churches in town”.
Yet, 70% of the people in Mattoon don’t attend a church.

We are wanting to be the church that the 70% would attend.
To do that, we are going to be a church that is advancing with guts.

The changes that are being made at First Assembly are summarized into four words.

I will share what each of those mean, through out the week.