Christmas Stage Design 2009

December 7, 2009 — 2 Comments

For The Fields Church in December, we are doing three different stage/environment designs.
Because of this I have to make each one adapt to the other.
I didn’t want to have to do three completely different designs.

This is our design for our sermon series titled Christmas Chaos.
Because of our low budget, I did everything for under $100.

How I do a design
I start in the room. I stare at it.
I envision what it could be.
Then I draw out the design on paper or with Google SketchUp.
Get all of the material and go at it.

Designing on a small budget
Use elements you already have.
Your same lighting you use week to week can go a long way, get creative with how you use it.
The smaller the budget the more room for innovation.

What the design is
Converted our 30′ video wall into two separate screens by hanging a black curtain (borrowed) in the middle of it.
Hung a couple metallic snowflakes ($20) from the truss.
Put a riser (already had) in the center of the stage and put a christmas tree with white lights on it.
Put a couple Chauvet LEDspalsh200 (already had) shining directly up at the snowflakes, and a couple pointing out towards the crowd.
Then I tricked it all out with some snow.
I purchased some quilt batting ($50) (the stuff that goes into a quilt to make it warm), and I tore the edges of it to make it look like layered snow, and placed it on the front of our stage and all over the riser.
Underneath all of the quilt batting I ran some string of white christmas tree lights. ($14).

Time Lapse created on the main development of the design, before the snow was installed.

{view embedded video here}

Christmas Series Stage Design

Christmas Series Stage Design

Christmas Series Stage Design

Christmas Series Stage Design

Christmas Series Stage Design

Christmas Series Stage Design

I got ideas from Matt Knisely, Oprah and Planning Christmas

2 responses to Christmas Stage Design 2009

  1. Looks good! Great ideas.

  2. just came across this… glad i could serve as some inspiration.

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