1814 Miles to San Jeronimo

October 5, 2008

This morning we launched The 1814 Project.
First Assembly is adopting a city in Honduras called San Jeronimo.

Why is it called The 1814 Project?
It’s 1814 miles from Mattoon to San Jeronimo. 

Why Honduras?

Honduras was heavily hit with Hurricane Mitch ten years ago and it is still feeling it today.

In 1998, Hurricane Mitch caused such massive and widespread loss that former Honduran President Carlos Roberto Flores claimed that fifty years of progress in the country were reversed. Mitch obliterated about 70% of the crops and an estimated 70-80% of the transportation infrastructure, including nearly all bridges and secondary roads. Across the country, 33,000 houses were destroyed, an additional 50,000 damaged, some 5,000 people killed, 12,000 injured, and total loss estimated at $3 billion USD.

We will be adopting this city for several years, and pouring a majority of our missions emphasis towards this city.
We are sending several teams a year to this city from our church.

Here are some ideas we are talking about doing in the city of San Jeronimo.

  • Send a medical team from our church to setup a medical clinic for a week. The closest medical center to San Jeronimo is at least 30 miles. 
  • Send a team of teachers to help in the schools for a week. By having an appreciative dinner for the local teachers, and to provide encouragement and school supplies. 
  • Send teams of high schoolers to distribute the Book of Hope and show God Man presentations to the entire city.
  • Send work teams to restore city parks and playgrounds that have been run down or destroyed by hurricane mitch.


We are going to see transformation that is bigger than who we are.
That is bigger than our church.
That will promote others instead of ourselves.
That will bring heaven to earth.
I can’ say any more. 

Also, tonight at The Pipeline we are announcing that we are taking a student trip to San Jeronimo this summer.

I am pumped about this.
I was in Honduras two years ago, and I can’t wait to get back. 

Some photos from our 2006 trip.


The 1814 Project


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  1. Hi Evan. It’s good to see all the work you guys are doing. I still remember you and your wife.I live in Costa Rica and I met you some years ago. When are you guys coming to Costa Rica?

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